Today’s Archive Image – Oceanside Dining

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf

Todays Archive Image Maui Dinning-1

It’s definitely winter in Vancouver. I know this, not only because the temperature and the 1 cm of snow on the ground, but also because the number of photos I am seeing from Hawaii. It’s possible I’m just noticing these pics more, but it’s also possible that everyone I know has been to Hawaii in the last few weeks, or is planning on going in the weeks ahead. Talk about feeling sorry for one’s self! I could definitely use some aloha right now, not to mention fish tacos from Lelani’s and a couple sleeves of Long Board Lager.

This is a pic from a shoot on Maui several years ago, just down Kanapali beach from Lelani’s at Whaler’s Village. It was one of those ‘quick shots’ the client was hoping for, but turned into six people staring into the setting sun trying to get the shot before mother nature turned her lights off. I had the Executive Chef holding a speedlight and the Director of Sales and Marketing holding a reflector while everyone else was watched impatiently.

Sometimes you just have make it work and make use of every set of hands possible. For most of us client work is a collaborative effort, with many stakeholders weighing in, and sometimes busying someone’s hands is a great way to get someone onside. It reinforces that collaborative effort and helps create a sense of ownership by those involved.

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