Project – Boxcar Marketing

It’s a great pleasure to be able to work with returning clients on new projects over time. While there is something self evident about this statement, it’s also about the evolution of the work produced. As I get ready to shoot for a returning restaurant client in the coming weeks I have been reviewing past work for them and planning ahead for how we will approach similar content in new ways. I’ve been quite lucky in many respects that so much of my work comes to me through referrals and that I have a number of recurrent clients one of whom is Monique Sherritt of Boxcar Marketing, pictured centered above.

When Monique approached me last summer about producing some new photos I didn’t hesitate. Monique is one of my favourite subjects to photograph, she’s elegant, charming and infinitely positive even when the sky seems to be falling around her. While this was the first work I’ve produced for her company, I first photographed Monique late in 2009 for a calendar and again in 2011 with an engagement shoot with her soon to be and again when she and James were married on the Sunshine Coast.

This was a quick shoot at the Boxcar office in a Vancouver Heritage building and we were in and out in about 90 minutes which was no small feat given that the sky really did seem to be falling that morning. With roof repairs going on over head, the office had been closed all week and as we were shooting, dust and debris had to be brushed from hair and clothing and cleared from lenses. We made pretty good use of the space considering so much of the office was covered by plastic and every so often a plume of dust would cascade from above. Unfortunately in light of complications with the roof repair, Boxcar has since moved offices, but I feel like we did a great job at capturing the spirit and humour of the people involved. These are two of my favourite images from that morning.

You can learn more about Monique, James and Crissy here: Boxcar Marketing


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