Project: Patti Houston & Prospect House (20 Images)

As much as I struggle with the nature of photography and my relationship with it’s various facets, commercial, editorial, sports, snap shots, I am still drawn to things that inspire me aesthetically. Despite the early steps of my photography career in photojournalism, parts of which I continue to miss desperately, I love shooting elements of design. I’ve always liked Architectural Digest and have been buying issues off and on since high school, I am drawn to Dwell Magazine and to look at beautiful homes which sit on the cutting edge of architecture and design. I also spent five years producing marketing collateral for the hospitality industry and in that time I shot some truly beautiful examples of interior and exterior design, from the Hotel Beau Rivage in Nice, to the Park Hyatt in Dubai and the W in Honolulu. During that period, no matter how much I missed working in daily news, that part of me attracted to design was feasting.

Early last year I was introduced to Design Maven Patti Houston and the retail side of her home staging and design house Fluff. Patti hired me to shoot furniture and design product for which became the beginning of a rewarding and collaborative relationship. Over 2011 Patti and I, and her team at Fluff, worked together several more times including a shoot of her newly renovated 1950’s North Shore rancher. I love Patti’s house and I hope you can see that in these photos. I was drawn in immediately by the openness, the floor to ceiling commercial windows and the blend of interior and exterior space. I also very much like the lack of window coverings and lamp shades which speak to my years adjusting both in hotel and motel rooms around the world. Please enjoy the gallery and to find out more about Patti and Fluff visit If you an editor or writer looking for more information, please drop me a line.

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