Video – Photographer Clark Little on Oahu’s North Shore

“You’ve got to push yourself harder. You’ve got to start looking for pictures nobody else could take. You’ve got to take the tools you have and probe deeper.” – William Albert Allard

Hi Shredibility: Clark Little popped up on my social media radar a couple weeks ago and I’ve had it tucked away since knowing that I would come back to it at some point. What appeals to me about this short piece by Vice Magazine is the quality of the visual storytelling and the quality of Little’s photography both of which are evocative of an experience unique to a very special piece of geography in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The strength of Little’s photography lies not only in his skill or aptitude with equipment and technique, but his true and genuine love for his subject matter. It is not enough to be in love with photography as a medium, I believe it is the connection to the subject that creates truly outstanding work. I’ve always regarded my best work as that which has been driven by passion, by a strong set of feelings, whether through a personal connection, empathy or curiosity. Photographers know when we ‘phone it in.’ We don’t make pictures for the sake of making pictures, making a picture is an act of sharing an experience, whether it is yours as a photographer or that the subject’s.

Little’s photography illustrates his relationship with the ocean, it is an evolution of his experience as a surfer charging shore breaks, and it is this experience which informs his unique perspective and approach to what he does. There is a definite eye candy quality to his photographs and it would be easy to dismiss his work as such if it weren’t for the physical commitment he makes to each photograph. Getting worked by heavy shore break on Oahu’s North Shore is no easy feat. It requires skill, strength and perseverance. Little takes risks to make his photos as much or more as any photographer; getting caught inside is no day at the beach and in the end he makes photos that set an impossible bench mark for everyone else to meet.

I have to admit that finding this video was something of a discovery. I am familiar with Vice Magazine, and I have the Vice Guide to Travel DVD on my shelf, but I wasn’t aware that Vice shot these sort of short pieces. After watching Hi Shredibility I watched a few other stories and I was pretty impressed with what I saw and invite you to seek out Vice Magazine’s YouTube page.

Vice Magazine on YouTube: Vice

More about Clark Little: Clark Little Official

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