Project Update: Let’s Cooking

What must be close to two years ago, I contributed several days of photography, totaling more than 2000 images shot over six or seven individual shoots for Hana Dethlefsen’s ‘Let’s Cooking’ cookbook project. Hana’s book is now on Indiegogo where she’s seeking crowd funding to finance a limited publication run.

The project can be found here: Let’s Cooking on Indiegogo

But check out what Hana, and others, have to say about her book:

Here are a couple of images featured in the book; a $25 contribution gets you your own copy, plus all the great photos seen inside! <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>

Hana Dethlefsen FEEDback Project

Hana Dethlefsen FEEDback Project

Today’s Archive Images: Let’s Cooking, the FEEDBack Project

ParticipATE Pantry-4

My friend Hana is now in possession of a few test prints of her cook book ‘Let’s Cooking’ featuring photos by me! I can’t wait to see my copy.  In preparing for an upcoming project I have been looking through older food related work and pouring over my favourite cook books with a renewed attention to styling, lighting and content. Food & Drink are right up there with those things I consider to be the best things in life. Photographing food poses unique challenges and when done right it is an exercise of passion, of love and of respect. I believe that the preparation of food can be a great gift to a loved one, and failing ability to serve a favourite friend a plate of something made by hand, hopefully a photo, as carefully crafted as any plate of food, will suffice. Unless you’re really hungry then a photo is a poor substitute for your favourite bowl of noodles.

These are a couple of my favourite images from the ‘Let’s Cooking’ project, about which you can read more here:

Hana Dethlefsen FEEDback Project

Hana Dethlefsen FEEDback Project

Today’s Archive Image: Brooklyn’s Fort Reno Provisions 2012

Any photographer I can think of will agree the diversity of the work is one of the reasons why we stick to it. It is the people we meet, work with and feature in our work. It is compelling subject matter and it is the explorations of our passions. I’ve been lucky, I’ve traveled extensively over the years for clients near and far and last January I had the rare opportunity to produce some content for a good friend in New York who had, with partners, opened a new restaurant in an old neighbourhood in Brooklyn. I’ve long since posted a gallery but in revisiting the work recently I decided I wanted to share another look with you.

If you know me, you know food and drink are among my great passions and in keeping with that, it was a great pleasure to work with people and a staff who hold both in such high regard.


You can see more images and more of Fort Reno Provisions here: Fort Reno Provisions