Event Week – Crankworx 2013

I’ll be posting a few pics through my week at Crankworx starting with this past Sunday. Yesterday, Monday, was a down day and I took the opportunity to get caught up with some of the work I shot last week. I arrived in Whistler with a mountain of editing and post production to work through and I was grateful for the time to make some headway on it.

On Sunday my day started at the top of A Line with the Giant Bicycles Liv/Giant event which closed A Line for the morning to provide coaching and training for women downhillers. Watching  the best in the world huck these jumps belies how difficult some of this terrain can be for some one starting out.

Women’s Only Liv/Giant A Line event:

2013 CX Liv Giant A Line RS-4

2013 CX Liv Giant A Line RS-10

I closed out the day in Skiers Plaza at the bottom of the Whistler Bike Park shooting the finish line of the Canadian Open Enduro. It was great to connect with so many familiar faces, many off course, and a few as they crossed the line. It was exciting to watch riders charge the finish line after an exhausting day, some throwing arms in the air in celebration and others at near collapse.

Stage 5 Finish – Canadian Open Enduro:

2013 CX Enduro Stage 5 RS-6

2013 CX Enduro Stage 5 RS-3

BC Bike Race’s own Andreas Hestler:

2013 CX Enduro Stage 5 RS-10

2013 CX Enduro Stage 5 RS-1

Today’s Archive Image – Steve Smith at Crankworx 2012

2012 CX CDN DH Steve Smith WR-1

There are daily reminders that Crankworx is less than two months away. Crankworx turns Whistler into a gong show and it was the most fun I’ve had shooting almost anything in a long, long time. There are more than a few photographers in town over this ten day period and competition for access is intense. I hope to return in 2013, and have submitted an application, while in the mean time reaching out for any assignment that will get me on the mountain.

I am excited that this image in particular, of Canadian Steve Smith coming over Heckler’s Rock during his winning run at the Canadian Open Downhill, has had so much traction, but it has also been a bit of a lesson for me. When you are contributing to a pool of images it is difficult to track where your images end up and whether they have been used with appropriate attribution. These are things that you learn with either a vanity search or with Google’s reverse image search where you can upload an image and Google will locate any number of pages on which your image has appeared.

In the days that followed Smith’s winning run, this image appeared on Facebook, in print and on a dozen different web outlets, some are included below. The exciting thing for me is though my week in Whistler for Crankworx had been a total gamble I saw my photos sent out to the Mountain Bike community world wide, especially cool since is Mountain Biking is among my favourite things to shoot, but also something I consider to be a weak link in my portfolio of experience. Now, almost a year later, this image still has legs and has recently appeared a travel magazine, with permission and attribution, destined for thousands of hotel rooms in Whistler.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The Whistler Question:

2012 Crankworx clips 1

MTB Review:

2012 Crankworx clips 5

Pedal Magazine:

2012 Crankworx clips 6

Sick Lines:

Sick Lines CX Steve Smith Screen Shot

Where Whistler:

Where Whistler CX Screen Shot

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