Today’s Archive Image – The Holy Plains 2006 & 2007

“The Journey you make is a quest for yourself.” -Anton Corbjin, Photographer

2007 High Plains Church NM-1

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends and family in the United States and those celebrating abroad. I came across these images while sorting through my personal travel folder in Lightroom this morning, and while I am not a religious person I have always been drawn to old churches, whether to light a candle for a lost loved one in a European Cathedral or pull off the side of an Interstate highway to capture a few frames.

The top image was shot in South East New Mexico (2007) in the waning evening light as I headed east from Fort Sumner after visiting the grave site of Billy the Kid on my way back into Texas. The image below was found in Kansas (2006), but I can’t tell you where exactly because I was off the Interstate taking the time to explore a little en route to my next client and not entirely sure myself. My best hope is that while we are all free to pursue and believe what feels right for us, that we can all exhibit enough strength of character to respect that what is right for some, may not be right for others. While I would not have worshiped in either of these churches, I can respect that they were at one time likely integral to the communities they served on these remote and unforgiving plains.

2006 Great Plains Church Kansas-1

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Today’s Archive Image – Steve Smith at Crankworx 2012

2012 CX CDN DH Steve Smith WR-1

There are daily reminders that Crankworx is less than two months away. Crankworx turns Whistler into a gong show and it was the most fun I’ve had shooting almost anything in a long, long time. There are more than a few photographers in town over this ten day period and competition for access is intense. I hope to return in 2013, and have submitted an application, while in the mean time reaching out for any assignment that will get me on the mountain.

I am excited that this image in particular, of Canadian Steve Smith coming over Heckler’s Rock during his winning run at the Canadian Open Downhill, has had so much traction, but it has also been a bit of a lesson for me. When you are contributing to a pool of images it is difficult to track where your images end up and whether they have been used with appropriate attribution. These are things that you learn with either a vanity search or with Google’s reverse image search where you can upload an image and Google will locate any number of pages on which your image has appeared.

In the days that followed Smith’s winning run, this image appeared on Facebook, in print and on a dozen different web outlets, some are included below. The exciting thing for me is though my week in Whistler for Crankworx had been a total gamble I saw my photos sent out to the Mountain Bike community world wide, especially cool since is Mountain Biking is among my favourite things to shoot, but also something I consider to be a weak link in my portfolio of experience. Now, almost a year later, this image still has legs and has recently appeared a travel magazine, with permission and attribution, destined for thousands of hotel rooms in Whistler.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

The Whistler Question:

2012 Crankworx clips 1

MTB Review:

2012 Crankworx clips 5

Pedal Magazine:

2012 Crankworx clips 6

Sick Lines:

Sick Lines CX Steve Smith Screen Shot

Where Whistler:

Where Whistler CX Screen Shot

Ten Years of Crankworx

Today’s Archive Images: Let’s Cooking, the FEEDBack Project

ParticipATE Pantry-4

My friend Hana is now in possession of a few test prints of her cook book ‘Let’s Cooking’ featuring photos by me! I can’t wait to see my copy.  In preparing for an upcoming project I have been looking through older food related work and pouring over my favourite cook books with a renewed attention to styling, lighting and content. Food & Drink are right up there with those things I consider to be the best things in life. Photographing food poses unique challenges and when done right it is an exercise of passion, of love and of respect. I believe that the preparation of food can be a great gift to a loved one, and failing ability to serve a favourite friend a plate of something made by hand, hopefully a photo, as carefully crafted as any plate of food, will suffice. Unless you’re really hungry then a photo is a poor substitute for your favourite bowl of noodles.

These are a couple of my favourite images from the ‘Let’s Cooking’ project, about which you can read more here:

Hana Dethlefsen FEEDback Project

Hana Dethlefsen FEEDback Project

Today’s Archive Image: BC Bike Race Powell River

2012 BCBR Personal-35

Winter is all around us in Vancouver these days. The past week has been foggy and cold and I am growing increasingly jealous of friends spending time in Hawaii, California, Key West and other places where you’re more likely to see an umbrella drink than an umbrella. Despite the weather I’ve started training for a busy summer of bike riding. and though I am still recovering from a car accident last fall, back and neck issues, I got out on the bike twice this past week and starting logging base mileage in preparation for feeling healthier and stronger in the weeks and months ahead.

January has been quiet and I’ve been spending a lot of time combing my Lightroom archive for forgotten gems, and images from travels long ago. Without having to reach too far back I’ve pulled this from last summer, from my week working with BC Bike Race, with whom I’ve enjoyed an event week operations role the past two years, and look forward to returning this July. BC Bike Race is a traveling circus of a bike event, with stage races in seven different BC communities over seven consecutive days involving nearly 700 people including riders, crew, volunteers and rider support. Base Camp is rarely quiet, even after dark with mechanics working around the clock prepping and repairing damaged bikes for the next day’s stage. It takes a pretty tight knit and committed group to make this happen from the management on down. This week has been a difficult one for the BC Bike Race family, we lost one of our medics this week when he was struck by a dump truck while in a crosswalk. Though I didn’t know Rollie all that well, he was a colleague and an integral part of the BC Bike Race Medical Team.

Riding between patches of fog and sunlight, yesterday, we enjoyed a social ride talking about last summer and the summer ahead. Back at the parking lot we shared a few thoughts about our colleague with the prevailing notion that we should never waste an opportunity to get to know someone. Rollie was a name, a face, a colleague to us, and so much more to the people who knew him best. I am sorry that I didn’t get to know you better.

The above is a image from a sunnier day last July at the start line of the Powell River stage of the 2012 BC Bike Race.

I’ve been looking for pictures of Rollie in my BCBR archives and was able to find only this, from Easter weekend in 2011, on the ferry home from a weekend retreat in Cumberland on Vancouver Island sharing a funny story with a couple BCBR friends. Rollie is on the right rocking the toque and sunglasses.

BCBR 2011 Cumberland Visit Rollie-1